Northern Heart, Home


Allen Delais’s memories are elusive, inseparable from his dreams. He remembers a home but not how to get there, and he wants to go back. All he has to give him a clue is a divine Mark beside his left eye. Three and a half years later, he’s no closer to an answer. In the meanwhile, he’s earned a commission for himself in the King’s Griffins, the elite core of the royal legions.

A chance event brings him to the king’s attention, and it seems the divine has a plan in store for him as well. The nobles in the kingdom are plotting treason, other kingdoms are on the move, and a dark god is turning his eye to expanding his territory. Allen Delais manages to find himself at the center of it all, struggling to keep the peace. But his real job isn’t for the king–it’s for the one who Marked him.

Her name is Alianna.


Author’s Note: Beginning rewritten. Pacing made a bit faster. Six new chapters up.  June 2nd, 2010.


Recent comments:

“…refreshing in its use of witty dialogue, its wry humor, and its graceful interweaving of backstory and characterization…”

Very poetic. I have followed this tale for a while, and it is truly a joy to read such well-written work.

Another great chapter.

Must… have … more… story!!! Pleeze!

I’m intrigued.”

I love your descriptions.”

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Note: The story is not intended for children, due to descriptions of violence and some language. By continuing past this page, you agree that you are at least 14.

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